When you take someone, hang them from the ceiling (chandelier or something) and shoot bubbling champagne up their ass. The person will then involuntarily spray feces everywhere due to the pressure build up. Once they are shooting their person pudding, give 'em a spin and go muddin.
I got some poo in my eye last night when I did some muddin with my friends.
by The Sos January 19, 2005
Top Definition
its all about driving thru the wet sloppy mud in your ATV or old beaten up truck. Getting stuck is half the fun...
by saemae September 12, 2003
when someone takes their truck offroad and tries to get their car as dirty as possible. The idea is to get your car so dirty that the air-conditioning spits up dirt molecules when you turn it on. That how dirt you want it. WHen everything is said and done, your car must be totaled by running into a steamroller. Those are the rules
A few boys went muddin and totaled their car when they hit a steamroller.
by becca prueter March 03, 2008
The act of getting ones vehicle dirty while doing doughnuts in a field or shallow pond.
Man. We went mudding in Mr.Johnsons pond and the truck is covered in muck and slime.
by WV04 January 29, 2009
Muffins that taste as though they are made from mud. Shitty muffins.
jim: man, these muffins are nasty.

john: yea, big time muddins.
by norberty February 13, 2011
butt sex
we went muddin the last night my girl didnt like it at all might be because we got stuck and one of my buddies had to pull me out
by scbroncoboy September 25, 2010
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