Mudda, a word originating from swamppy regions of the gold coast sometime in the new century means hot chick. However as a verb, as in to mudda, it means to have sex.
General Conversation - She is a huge mudda.

Directions - Mudda at 12 o'clock

As a verb - Mudda me.
by the kaptain January 12, 2005
Top Definition
Mother, in the Joemalian language. It's used before almost any adjective.
I'm so mudda hungry.
by Vunda March 15, 2016
A word that adds extra emphasis on adjectives and certain nouns and verbs
In Joemalia, pedophiles get the mudda hanged by their testicles as little children treat them as pinatas.

Bart is the mudda hungry after working out at Barbell Brigade.

Julia is the mudda beautiful.
by kajikunido March 16, 2016
Word invented by the king of Joemalia sometime in the 1800's. Often used to emphasize something.
That's the mudda boolshit.
That's mudda awesome.
by Ryuzaki48 March 17, 2016
Mudda is a mispronunciation of Mother and it can be used in many different ways. And the Founders are JustKidding Films
Mudda Fucka Mudda boolshit mudda bitch Mudda Shit
by ChristheGreat00 March 18, 2016
Mudda means mother, popularized by Joe Jo from JkFilms
Bart: We have work at 2 o'clock today
Joe: Mudda fuck me man
by Zsjaya March 17, 2016
A slang that JoeJo from JKF(JustKiddingFilms) uses all the time
by BigNuggets2567 March 16, 2016
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