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A mudback is a typical loud, dark skinned, greasy, rude, uneducated, animalistic nigger beast, who usually resides in lower income areas, maximum securtiy prisons or basketball courts. Mudbacks will often roam in groups and they're known to single out the weak while attacking in numbers. They speak their own language; (an offshoot of English called Ebonics). This language is nothing more than the ignorant mispronunciation of the English language and cannot be easily deciphered by white Christians. Years of watching B.E.T. or channel 9 will hone ones skills in becoming more familiar with this mudback lingo. Mudbacks are bloodthirsty heathens and will stab their mother for what they refer to as "cabbage, cheddar, or beans" .... ie money.
Example 1 - Look here you fuckin Mudback; if I had it my way, you'd still be in chains! - (B.A.)

Example 2 - Mommy, why do mudbacks smell and have pubic hair on their head?
by Heinrich138 March 27, 2010

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