The result of way too much anal sex - the anus is so stretched out that when it returns to its 'not being penetrated' state, the extra skin forms a flap over the anus.
Since anal is so huge in porn, most pornstars have mudflaps.
by Stegosaurus Rex June 24, 2005
1)pussy lips
Next, I coated her mud flaps with creme e me, then I passed the fuck out!
Bumpin' uglies leads to inflamed mud flaps
Extra skin around the asshole creating what is known as a mudd flap or doggie door.
That chick had the craziest mud flap. I just noticed and I've been hitting that for 2 months.
by TrevorK89 April 27, 2015
the foreskin of a gay man.
hey bill, what do you call a gay mans foreskin?

i dunno.

a mudflap!
by g.n.b.rad September 19, 2010
v. The act of motorboating another man's butt cheeks.
Justin loves to mudflap men on the weekends.
by suckitcarley March 28, 2015
The male scrotum (balls); What men use to keep mud (shit) off of ones penis while dropping a wicked doo-doo bomb.
Man, I had some wicked diarrhea last night; I'd have doo-doo all over dick, if it weren't for my mud flap!
by billy_banana May 14, 2010
Only pertains to fatasses; when the amount of flab you have overhangs enough to interfere with going to the bathroom and thus makes contact with urine or shit making the flab act like a mudflap behind a truck tire.
EG: Damn thats a big bitch, her mudflap is bouncing off her knees when she walks!
by tehleet- January 27, 2010

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