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a description of the sagging labia minora. When a woman's inner pussy lips hang or protrude outside of a woman's pussy resembling a trucker's mudflaps. Often associated with age or child birth. Loathed by young men, savored by older men. Cursed by all women and often the leading reason for designer vaginal rejuvination.
Ewe, Dad, did you see the mudflaps on that old stripper? Yeah, Son I did. Mudflaps are great to suck on.
by nohalo4meinKC February 14, 2009
1)pussy lips
Next, I coated her mud flaps with creme e me, then I passed the fuck out!
Bumpin' uglies leads to inflamed mud flaps
Only pertains to fatasses; when the amount of flab you have overhangs enough to interfere with going to the bathroom and thus makes contact with urine or shit making the flab act like a mudflap behind a truck tire.
EG: Damn thats a big bitch, her mudflap is bouncing off her knees when she walks!
by tehleet- January 27, 2010
the foreskin of a gay man.
hey bill, what do you call a gay mans foreskin?

i dunno.

a mudflap!
by g.n.b.rad September 19, 2010
mud flaps are the lips lining the pussy, a good example of mud flaps that are easily visible would be a hot asian chicks.
her mud flaps were sdo loose and flappy they looked like a ball bag.
by dave(Dream team) January 27, 2005
The male scrotum (balls); What men use to keep mud (shit) off of ones penis while dropping a wicked doo-doo bomb.
Man, I had some wicked diarrhea last night; I'd have doo-doo all over dick, if it weren't for my mud flap!
by billy_banana May 14, 2010
a style of pants used to protect the back of your thigh/upper calf from burning when sitting on a fake leather bench seat in an '82 ford pickup. also used for float trips to protect from a hot canoe seat.
"ey jerry! whure's muh mudflaps!?"
by guskillface August 21, 2009