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when one hot bitch lays ontop of another hot bitch and shits down the other chicks pussey. Once the shit is inside the pussey the bitch with the shit filled pussey queefs hard and sends that shit out that pussey.
wow did you see that video of that mud flap

ya I got so hard from that
by jAKe47 April 19, 2011
Derogatory statement describing a girls vagina. You can picture it if you'd like.
"How was she?"
"Decent. .. Hell of a lot of mud flap down there though."
by Balls November 14, 2004
A mudflap is something that hangs underneath but directly behind the wheels of any land vechicle. Mudflaps are used so that mud doesn't fling up while the wheels are spinning in rocks, dirt and of course, mud.
1. Mud flaps are great additions to all-terrain vehicles.

2. People at Urban-Dictionary don't know the meaning of "Mudflap".
by impactforums November 11, 2005
Getting shit on the back of ones testicles due to explosive diahhrea.
That Taco Bell I ate came out so fast I mudflapped it.
by W.E. Coyote August 20, 2003
When a female has so much intercourse that her genitalia resembles the mudflaps on a semi truck.
When colette took her pants off I could see the reason they dubbed her with the nickname "mudflaps".
by neo max zoom dweebie January 21, 2006
1. The flaps located behind the wheels of a car, so that mud doesnt get caught underneath
2. When a chicks inner lavium sticks out past the body. Looks dirty
Chicks with mudflaps are dirrrty
by WhoCares December 19, 2003
Found on a woman with excessive sized vagina lips. The man can also use them as leverage will going down on his woman.
Hey bro, did you hear that Sparky grabbed hard onto B's mud flaps last night?
by KDogg_1979 July 29, 2006
The result of way too much anal sex - the anus is so stretched out that when it returns to its 'not being penetrated' state, the extra skin forms a flap over the anus.
Since anal is so huge in porn, most pornstars have mudflaps.
by Stegosaurus Rex June 24, 2005