(Offensive) A person of African origin.
The north side of town is where all the mud monsters live.
by uncertain January 17, 2007
Top Definition
The Mud Monster (Modderus Monsterum Atroxius) is a Predatory Creature that lives in water,

It is made out of mud and can weigh from 300 to 780 kg.

Mud Monsters remain submerged day and night until small children come close to the water, in wich case the large monster will come out of the water and suck the children into it's large round mouth.

(often used by parents to scare their children away from water.)
the 9th of June, 1831.

Today I heard wonderfull stories about large beasts made out of a brownish mud who ate children.

I was curious to the extreme and thus I confiscated a child form the locals. We brought the child to the water and ...
By Elizabeth's hairy balls, A Mud Monster came out of the water! The child was sucked into the thing and we ran back to the village like girls. Afterwards me and my men had a cup of tea.

_ Lord Billy von Whale's diary
by UberGeit3000 July 12, 2010
A nigger, negro, nigglet or any other negro-associated racial expletive that shows anger and displeasure in a nigger's ignorance and and non-cotton-picking actions.
Jake: See that.....thing over there?
Jethro: Yeah, what is it?
Jake: Pa says it's a Mud Monster!
Jethro: Hurry, you get the net and I'll get the shotgun!
Jake: This Mud Monster'll look great on my wall!
Jethro: Uh-oh, we were beat to it. Some of those ghosts got 'im again.
by Vaginal Blitzkrieg December 12, 2008
scary brown monster that lurks in the art rooms of middle schools. acts as a voodoo doll to kill spies, bugs, pennies, or anything aggrivating. created by 22 in 2001. use at your own risk. its dirtayyyyy!
We are not naming our group the "mudmonsters" because it's too dir-ty.

mudmonsters incorporated forever!
by ls & 22 November 08, 2004
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