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Refers to your anus and is generally used when talking about a promiscuous woman. The word is often used when describing a sexual encounter or sexual event that happened. The word is never said around women and usually used with "Bros".
"Yeah, so she let me put it in her mud pipe last night"
"Dude I need to change that sheets ever time we do it in the mud pipe."
"Yo you think thats good? Wait till you try her mud pipe."
by L Clock August 18, 2009
n. One who is unreasonably dirty-looking often with grimy ungroomed hair or ragged filthy clothing.
"Hey! look at that fat chick with the dredlocks and the wife-beater! Holy shit, she really should shave those legs! Tell that mudpipe to crawl back into the sewers from which she came!"
by snowman February 19, 2005
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