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The purest act of anal enlightenment; while engaging in a session of pudding pushing, you hastily remove your ram rod and begin violently shaking it, flinging any amount of potetial clingers wildly across the room. You then quickly replicate the cry of a caged flacon and begin to bat your arms to fan the smell of fresh turds. You win.
Sorry the room is a mess. The mud falcon got out of the cage last night.
by the bird of prey December 30, 2013
18 0
Defficating while rock climbing resulting in falling fecal matter.
I forgot my poop tube, so I had to let some mud falcons fly.
by Bono is God March 04, 2011
30 17
Taking a dump of of an open rock face resulting falling feces.
Dude, don't look at me when I'm making a mud falcon.
by flyer716 December 21, 2011
3 11