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Much Music is a Canadian music channel that came BEFORE mtv, so dont say it is becoming mtv. We borrow mtv's shows because none of those stuck up celebs want to make shows with us!
Music Music is better than MTV
by Evan Mackinnon August 02, 2005
A canadian music channel, that plays all kind of things. They have french stuff, boring stuff, and awesome stuff. Personally I like MuchMoreMusic more, its also canadian but has more informational shows about "the bands you love"
Freddy: Hey jim-bill pass me that there clicker

Jim-Bill: Thats a hog's ear I've been munchin' on

Freddy: Garn-dungit I just wawnted ta watch the Much Music see what they got bou blue grass n britney spears
by ooOOgreGOOoo June 27, 2005
Canada's well known music channel, also has offspring channels such as Much Loud, Much Vibe and Muchmoremusic. Once a popular alternative channel which showcased Canadian talent as well as good alternative music, now turned into a MTV wannabe hip hop station. The amazing VJ's like Rick Campanelli and George Stombolopolous have been replaced by straight up homosexual ballsack lovers.
Much music is for ballsack lovers, want decent music?
Turn off your TV and turn off your god damned radio.
by The Business Man June 30, 2006
Personally, I'm not too fond of this channel.

I agree when people say "it's not MTV because it shows music." They show some great shows called The Punk Show, Loud (I watch these two a lot), Going Coastal and The Wedge (sometimes I watch these shows). There are also many other music shows that people watch.

However, I also don't really agree about how Much is a music channel. Sure Much Music is a music channel... but when I flick to that channel, I see MTV Cribs. I also see a show called "Much Fakeover" which is basiclly another version of MTV Becoming, except without the cool presents and videos. There is also a show called Fandemonium, where fans are tortured to meet and win cool stuff related to the band. There are also reality shows called 'Til Death Do Us Part and Newly Weds, which again are reality shows borrowed FROM MTV! There is another show called "Much In Your Space" where you get you and your room madeover to look like the artist. And what about Much On Demand? That's like TRL, but with vote-a-matics and located in Canada.

In conclusion: Much is slowly becoming the new MTV for Canadians, and even other countries.
I think Much is soon becoming the new MTV, or just plain old MTV... Newly Weds, Becoming, 'Til Death Do Us Part, Duets, Making The Band 2, etc.
by Kat September 08, 2004
A Canadian music channel. It features shows that cater to all kinds of musical tastes. IE rap, pop, techno(dance), punk, loud music, music in different languages, etc.

In reply to the first entry here, Much Music is not an "MTV Channel(dumbass)" and no one is forced to watch it. Learn how to spell, and I bet you're American.
Change it to MuchMusic, Joe.
by hairbrush July 22, 2003
just about the only good channel on tv these days. it's basically the better (and canadian, woot woot!) version of mtv. though lately showing way too much pussycat dolls search for the next doll and house of carters.
Much Music should stop showing house of carters
by Ninjas in airplanes April 11, 2007
The only decent channel playing in Canada for ppl with basic 50-some channel cable. The place where we deposit our valuable brain cells. Home of mega hot Vj Leah Miller and 'smooth operator' Matte Babel. Represents pretty acurately what today's Canadain youth are into, but really misses the point other times. Usualy entertaining, but slowly moving furthur and furthur away from 'family friendly content' in favour for crude and offensive humour (chough-chough-videoontrial-hack). Canada's #1 celebrity and Hollywood connection.
Without Much Music, my TV would consist of, uh, the Food Network, or Home and Garden TV, or Maybe... The Bussiness News (woot)!
by Adrian December 16, 2006
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