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Muark means anything from gay to fag mostly used by wanna be pro skater mexicans from encinitas who have nothing better to do than try to steal words from tupac and claim it their own
"yo fool that kid is a muark"

"Yeah, he is a fag"

Tupac-" Biggy smalls and junior mafia some muark ass bitches"
by brownhairkid April 18, 2010
mother-fucker, bitch, someone that you dislike, one that takes up "muarkish" behavior, something you would call someone when you don't want to call somebody gay, someone that does not like the Wu-Tang Clan. Used by rapper Ice Cube several times in "Jackin' for Beats".
"And if I jack you and you keep comin, I'll have you muarks a 100 Miles and Running!"- Ice Cube

"Wu-Tang sucks"
"Yo, fuck this muark"

"Can i borrow a dollar?"
"... no, Muark"
by nomuarksallowed April 01, 2010
Hardworking Male who respects rules and puts a lot of effort in keeping body in shape.
Hunter is a Muark
by Ian Bayrak June 28, 2009
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