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Oh it's Mu'az
by marco February 08, 2004
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seorang yang peramah , handsome "kalau handsome tu memang handsome gila gila . selalu dapat tarikan dari perempuan .
ehh tu muaz tu yang handsome tu
by Arceuss December 29, 2016
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commonly used as a comparison to a belligerent or vicious creature, mostly dogs. Also used extensively to depict ugliness, used in an analogy to 'toads'. Used frequently in the "Urdu" language.
Translated to English:

"He certainly has traits of muaz, otherwise he would never have bitten Alfred. (dog)
by FreakoMan1aC June 14, 2009
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The coolest dude with the biggest cock. He is always inside of Athif's mom
by CHEEF TEEF March 14, 2017
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