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A very nice person to be with
Oh it's Mu'az
by marco February 08, 2004
commonly used as a comparison to a belligerent or vicious creature, mostly dogs. Also used extensively to depict ugliness, used in an analogy to 'toads'. Used frequently in the "Urdu" language.
Translated to English:

"He certainly has traits of muaz, otherwise he would never have bitten Alfred. (dog)
by FreakoMan1aC June 14, 2009
The realest nigga you'll ever know.This guy gets all the pussy and is fucking hilarious. He may appear calm but talk shit and you'll find his foot up your ass. Hes good at everything he does and he aint no pussy. He can freestyle like a fucking god and has the hookup for everything.
"that kid is such a fag"
"yeah unlike Muaz"
by Intellectual horse May 05, 2016
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