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popular rapper Flo Rida made a song about a girl he called ms. hangover. She is basically the sexy girl he meets at the club gets drunk and ends up fucking in his hotel. he will most likely see her the next morning and be like "what the fuck?! get the hell outta my hotel room! bitch, call a cab!"
jay: yo whas good with trina?
trey: nah, chilllll-b, she was ms. hangover last night, but
i'm not really feelin her like that any more.
jay: she gave it up maddd quick! ahha
trey: exacttlyyy.
by LUCK*E-lady September 01, 2008
A) A song by Flo Rida on his 1st full album, Mail on Sunday.

B) A generic term for an amazingly beautiful woman that could turn you from drunk to sober.
Steve: Have I ever told you how much I love you? I love you, you great dude. You, dude, are great. I wish...

Meanwhile, Jeff spots a Ms. Hangover across the hall.

Jeff: Yeah, yeah, that's great, Stev-O. Catch you later.
by Fo Sho Oh No August 09, 2008
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