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An epic English teacher whom makes weird sounds throught her life time. She is sure to be at the top of anyone's charts. CHEAKS ON THE CHAIR!!!
Yo! Have you seen Mrs. T-Boss today?
Yah she be ballin!!
by ChelseaLaughs April 03, 2011
Mrs. T-boss is a English Teacher of some sort who beats all other teachers. If you are to encounter this teacher beware of her rath. Although you must take percaution, she is a wonder teacher. She may make sound effects throughout your school year. Also, never ever forget to put your cheaks on the chair or she shall yell at you!
Sam: Woah you seen Mrs. T-boss today?
You: Yah man shes wack.
Sam: You know it!
by ChelseaLaughs April 09, 2011