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A Mrs Liddle is used in the place of viagra. It has been praised by millions worldwide as it appears to work "significantly" stronger than the normal pill, viagra. Hallucinations (similar to those caused by LSD) occurr. In this daunting yet unforgettable halluncination, a woman appears. legend says that most male species name this figure as "Delia" for some unknown reason. In the hallucination, it is said that "Delia" is one horney woman, which explains why she offers sex to every consumer. Unfortuantly the Mrs Liddle is sometimes slipped into the drink for a "prank", and unfortunate consequences may occur if the consumer has no intention of taking it.
1. "Dare me to shot a mrs liddle in his drink?"

2. "That woman that i visualised when i took a mrs Liddle is the fittest woman ive ever seen!"

3. i woke up naked. On the living room floor. In my mother in laws house. with her lookng at me. Id been mrs Liddled
by RMORTON2000 May 02, 2009
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A person known to have double butts and be warty. Has an evil demeanor. Lies for the enjoyment of watching others suffer for her mistakes.
Ugh! That's person is like a Mrs. Liddle
by Chay H February 07, 2008
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