a man dressed in drag
Al: Now that we've weeded out another traitor from the ranks, let's see if there are anymore Mrs. Doubtfires in here!
(pulls on the hair of a powerfully built woman and is surprised to discover it really is a woman)
Al: Hey! You're a woman!
by Chris Norton August 06, 2008
Top Definition
Way of refering to a situation where one has made two separate appointments with different people, usually at the same place and at the same time.
"I just realized I have an important business dinner AND a hot date tonight. I'm going to have to pull a major Mrs Doubtfire."
by Peruvian Ninja November 24, 2005
Making love to a cougar anally, flipping her over then realizing it is really a transvestite
I took some cougar home from the bar last night and she turned out to be a "Mrs Doubtfire"
by Deuce Deucer September 11, 2010
The act of ejaculating on woman's face, then proceeding to spread it to form a sort of mask, then shouting "Hello!" in a british like accent as pronounced in the move.
That vag was so good I had to pull out and say "Hello" by pulling a Mrs. Doubtfire.
by Juan Wan November 12, 2009
when a male ejaculates on you while yelling to-ta-lu, leaving you with a face full of cream.
I totally blew my load all over her face, she got a serious Mrs Doubtfire
by Scooter McBaksis August 27, 2010
A nocturnal mom who by day is dress as a fat old mom and by night takes off her fat suit and is a hot model, is usually very horny and has sex and or performs oral sex on her children's friends when they sleepover. Not to be confused as Robin Williams.
Justin: Steve is such a fag the only reason I hang out with him is so i can sleep over his house and bang his mom who by the way is a Mrs. Doubtfire.
Mick: Yeah she is a Mrs. Doubtfire; she cooks me the best cookies during the day and at night she gives me the best dome I have ever had.
Justin: Lets go to Steves to night and double team his Mrs. Doubtfire.
Mick; sounds like a plan
by Justin Paul Murray February 10, 2009
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