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A typical fan of Jason Mraz out to copy his crappy dirty-looking style. Can be described as young male with curly hair, badly shaven face, wearing a leather jacket with a gray/light gray scarf with a striped wife-beater underneath, skinny jeans folded up to look like bummish high-waters, and wearing Toms. Usually out for a career in one of the arts (e.g. Photography, music) and has memorized all of Jason Mraz songs (one-hit wonders that got old real quick). These cronies can be seen in areas like coffee shops or hanging around their old high school bands.
Vulpe: "Dude, check out my new Toms! For every pair I buy they give a pair to a needy child in a third-world country! I'm gonna buy a lot since they are pieces of shit!"

Guy: "Faggot ass Mrazzer."
by IsBeFree November 27, 2011
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