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When a girl is giving head, they guy starts coming and pulls out and blows it in hre eyes, blinding her.
My boyfriend gave me a Mr. Magoo last night and I've still got chunks in my eyelashes
by flarby January 05, 2012
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Used as a verb, this describes when a person succeeds, not through deliberate action, but through sheer dumb luck. Despite all odds and opposition, the person emerges victorious, sometimes not even aware that he has succeeded, like the cartoon character Mr. Magoo. Can also be used as a sports term, when a team plays a terrible game but somehow through luck emerges victorious at the end. Can be referred to simply as "Magoo".
"Yeah, I admit I completely Mr. Magoo'd my way through that fight. I didn't even know he hit the ground for a minute."

"Hopefully the Patriots can Mr. Magoo their way to another win like last game."
by Dak Smacka February 05, 2012
a fucking idiot
You are a mrmagoo.
by the cool guy January 18, 2003

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