when u masturbate in a cup, then put it into the freezer and wait till it turns into a ice cub then put it in her mouth next make her suck it.
"make me some Mr.Freeze. Suck it bitch mmmmm.. That nice jiz ice cube. "
by Starberry shake September 15, 2007
Top Definition
When a drunk guy gets all amped up to go talk to some chicks in a bar, walks over, physically interrupts their conversation and doesn't say a thing to them after. Meanwhile his buddies are laughing/cringing from across the room.
Brock crashed and burned last night, invented a new pick-up move called the Mr. Freeze that is guaranteed to fail. Blamed it on the crondo.
by NickInMesa October 25, 2009
Derived from someone who in the poker world is known as a "cooler", someone that has bad luck to make other people lose. Mr. Freeze's also can be known as doing insane feats and very popular with females. They also tend to have abnormally amazing hookup stories.
Dude, that Mr. Freeze just jumped up eight stairs!!
by Mista Freeze June 12, 2009
Mr. Freeze has gotten a bad name due to his various comic book appearances. Those of us who know him know that he is merely a misunderstood stoner with horrendous breath.
A scientific study done by Harvard Medical School found unheard of amounts of various deadly chemicals in Mr. Freeze's breath and in tests the rats he breathed on died in seconds.
Still, he maintains a low key profile and manages to attend schol even with his crippling disability.
"Shit, here comes Mr. Freeze! Hold your breath until he's gone!"
by Franky Jizzo January 15, 2008
Mr. Freeze is a name commonly reffered to as shit breath. When you are reffered to as a Mr. Freeze you should clean your mouth genorously with mouth wash the strongest possible and do not speak to anyone. If you do happen to speak to any one you will most likely kill them if not severly injure them. We have a Mr. Freeze in our school and when he comes I ussually put my scarf over my mouth and nose so I do not ingest any of the harmful chemicals found in a Mr. Freeze breath.. MOst likely your name is Brendan maurice if you are Mr.freeze, but Mr. Freeze also has a father Mr. Freeze Liwoz his breath isnt nearly as potent,but can back you off of any conversation in a heartbeat. HIs breath has been known to kill small babies.
Me and my friends were walking down the street and noticed a pungent odor, it was our friend Mr. Freeze, he nearly killed us all with his shit glands.
by Mr. Liwoz January 23, 2008

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