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a seventh grade teacher at the Bullis school, whom youd die from, b/c of 2nd hand smoking.

Monday: one of the worst days, he smokes about a pack on his breaks!
Tuesday: little less, but youll still die.
Wednesday: least amount, you woulndt die, but you'll gag, and cough as you enter his 10 radius.
Thursday: starts up again!! 2 packs a day, at least
Friday: OH GOD!! I had to hold my breath when I entered the building he was in!
Weekends: the worst of all! he probably smokes 2-3 at a time! especially on sundays. you can tell the next day!
Bullis kid: "hey do you know where I could find Mr. Woodring?
Other Bullis kid: "yeah, just look for a really thick smoke cloud, and follow it!
by Man of Steel May 03, 2006
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