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One of the biggest assholes that teaches at Sa-Hali Secondary. His favourite words include: "mmmkkaaaay", "and that sort of thing", "please shut up" as well as "ah for god's sake". He is a very hard to please type of guy who is constantly on your case about stupid detentions that isolate you into doing your work in his portable at lunch. He likes his little homework club.
Mr. Wedley: "alright, we need to get through this class without people goofing off and disrupting the 7 or 8 people that actually do work in this class. "

Student: "hey wedley, do you take creatine?"

Mr. Wedley: "Do I teach what?" (needs hearing assistance)

Student: "Never mind, i guess you dont take protein and creatine".
by lakejumper1153 June 01, 2011
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