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A Mr. Rimjob is an English professor characterized by his or her inability to do anything professionally or correctly. The original Mr. Rimjob, possessor of the most minuscule dick in existence and scientifically proven to be a certified shit-for-brains fuckhead, was the first Brit ever to teach at Summit Prep. Known worldwide for his ability to ad-lib classroom sessions and pull raw, unrefined, pure bullshit from his gritty asshole, Rimmy, as he is known to his closest friends, never ceases to amaze with his unprofessional and immature style. The epitome of unredeeming vulgarity, Rimjob has been called everything from "The North American Cockeater" to "The Shit." When asked of his opinion of Mr. Rimjob in an interview with the New York Times, President Barack Obama stated vindictively, "Oh that ol' fucker? He a bitch. Imagine some trashy, HIV infected, heroine-addicted slut who gives birf to a baby that she throws in the nearest dumpster--imagine a bulbous maggot living in the dumpster which crawls onto the baby to feast at its flesh--Rimms aint worth the smegma on that maggot's uncircumsized cock." He later issued an apology. In conclusion, Drew Rimjob is the dumbest dumb dumb to ever teach at Dumbit and will forever be immortalized for this role.
Mr. Rimjob is brown on the inside.
by Mr. Rimjob May 30, 2009
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