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A derogatory term used for middle aged men who act as a fag.
"Wow, that guy is a real Mr. Peters!"
"We have a regular Mr. Peters over here!"
by killa nmydog September 26, 2006
Most kick ass teacher at Archbishop Wood. Widely known for his obnoxious whistle and loud voice. Enjoys screaming, "SHUT THE FRITZ UP", "YOU PEOPLE ARE FLIPPING NUTS", and "PLAY WITH YOUR TOYS." He should be the Science Department Chair.
Person 1: "Who made that whistling noise?"
Person 2: "I think it was....."
(Person 2 interrupted by) Mr. Peters: "WHERE ARE YOU PEOPLE SUPPOSED TO BE? GET THERE!"
Person 1: "Oh never mind, it's just Mr. Peters."

Person 1: "Who made these rules?"
Anyone of The Teachers for Science: "The Department Chair."
Person 1: "These are dumb."
Entire Class: "OMG I KNOW.... WE NEED PETERS!"
by linklicker June 21, 2011