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A person with a great big hangin' top row of teeth that you couldn't hide behind a bus, no friends and a wardrobe that consists of: combats that cut off at the ankle, a different football shirt for every day of the week and a Nightmare Before Christmas beanie hat. Usually accompanied by other physical and mental defects, and occasionally found pissed as a fart with a dirty tea towel wrapped round his head like some sort of turban/bandana gone horribly wrong. Is known to shout “Lighthouse” and “Got any gas?” amongst other things for no apparent reason at inappropriate times. In other words, a total fucking bit o’ work!
Did you hear about Mr. Overbite the other night?

Nah man, what happened?

Ah mate, he had several pizzas in one hand, a bottle in the other and he was about to go right off on one. Glassed himself in his dirty overbite as he swung though, won himself a right smack. Proper funny.
by what have you won December 09, 2009
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