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A gentleman who is known for putting syrup on his womans ass.
Q: "Hey why do they call you Mr. Maples?"
A: "Because I put the syrup on that ass!"
by Nate--O April 16, 2010
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One who is a natural born troll. Can fight an argument with a person of higher education with absolutely no proof of being correct. Can also troll IRL by constant ridicule of others' lives. Most arguments are won by the other member of the conversation ragequitting.
Person A states 2+2=4.

Person B argues 2+2=6.

Person A cites calculator.

Person B continues to argue 2+2=6.

Person A leaves the room in a fit of rage.

Person B is an example of a Mr. Maple.
by CellarDoor42 August 01, 2009
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