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A mysterious minion of Count Bleck in the game Super Paper Mario. His true identity is unknown. Some people think he is Luigi, but come on, that's preposterous.
Have at you! - Mr. L
by DKsDownBInTheAir July 25, 2009
short for: Multi rockluncher System.A tracked millitary vehicle that is used to luanch low to mid range rockets on battle fields so it can kill other human beings who are counted as an enemy.
there is 12 rockets in each of them or two long range ones.
I got pissed so i killed the guy with my MRLS. hahahha!
by TAKAVAR February 17, 2005
Opposite of ratchet
Guy 1: she is so Mr. L!

guy 2: yep. That's the classiest bitch I've seen In like three weeks.
by brandyn Costanzo October 24, 2013
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