The aging, pedophile neighbor of the Griffin family on Family Guy who creeps on teenage boys. He speaks in a high-pitched voice and whistles his S's. The other characters, for whatever reason, are usually not suspicious of him.
Mr. Herbert- Excuse me, I'm looking for a car that's been tricked out to look like an ice cream truck.

Brian- Dammit... I'm, I'm sorry, what?

Mr. Herbert- You know, with colorful pictures of ice cream treats. And it plays a tune that's fun for the young children? Da da da duh, da duh, da duh, da da duh da da duh, da duh... duh. Mmmmmmm.
by Bunquita February 10, 2011
Top Definition
The elderly neighbor of the Griffin family who fantasizes about teenage boys, especially Chris Griffin.
Mr. Herbert: Chris, can you come over and help me with something?
Chris: Sure Mr. Herbert!
Mr. Herbert: Hurry up now! Mmmmmmmmm....
by pushi kuratz July 10, 2008
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