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A ghost penis believed to belong to a man who was castrated by his wife at the end of the 19th Century for cheating on her. The residence refered to as the "Sunderwind House" is located in Okonogan, Wisconsin. The ghost dick has been sighted on and off since 1926 (some sources say 1919), and is usually detected by a strange slapping sound and some other odd vocalizations. This is believed to be its way of locomotion.

The "Sunderwind House" was featured on the Discovery Channel original series "A Haunting" back in 2005. This episode was only shown once, and quickly pulled to due its phallic references. Mr. Floppers was portrayed as an overripe blurred out banana resting on Victorian stairs.

In late 2005 the Sunderwind House was to be torn down, but was saved by the mayor designating it as a historical building. Protesters picketed the razing of the structure with signs that read "Never Stop The Flop"
My favorite ghost story of all time has to be the one about Mr. Floppers, the phantasm dick.
by SpindalisZena July 31, 2013