A scary monster in Amnesia, the Dark Descent. Fucked up face.
Look up "Amnesia Mr. Face" on Google Images to shit your pants.
At least you weren't fucked up by Mr. Face...
by Yourmom. :D January 27, 2011
Top Definition
Terrifying monster on Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The term comes from The Queen of LPs; Mangaminx who named the monster due to its grotesquely shaped head and flapping jaw.

Mr. Face chases Daniel about castle Brennenburg trying to give him hugs; along with his big brother, Mr. Tall.
Its a fucking Mr. Face convention!


Mr. Face please go away, please? please?
by LiebeDichNicht June 09, 2011
the coolest superhero that never existed... ever
"Mr. Face is so damn cool, I mean damn..."
by Joe House March 01, 2005
The coolest super hero that never existed... ever.
"Damn, Mr. Face is so cool... yeah...".
by Joe House March 01, 2005
A god amongst men. He is a simply a face in the shape of a penis with the balls up and head of the penis pointing down. The balls represent the eyes, the shaft and head of the penis represent the nose, and an extra line is added underneath to create the mouth. Usually, Mr.Face smiles to indicate that he is always happy. When Mr. Face gets really excited, he will occasionally sneeze, saying "Ahh.. AHHH! CHOOOO!" spewing his "goo" all over whatever is in front of him. The face can also grow depending on his "mood". Mr.Face is best said with an accent that sounds like "Mistuh Face"
In text, he can be shown as 8==D )
or can be made longer if he is happier 8========D )
"Damn that girl is hott! Mr. Face is growing with approval."

"Hey how's it going? 8==D )"
"What the hell is that? A new smiley or something?"
"You know what it is... It's Mr.Face. After he's done with you, you doesn't gun be able to sit no mo. >8=======D )"
by Byeo April 08, 2008
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