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A really annoying vice principal at Mayfield Secondary School in Caledon, Ontario. A man who seems to think he can turn the school into a military academy and overrun the actual principal. The reincarnation of the worst man ever in existence: Hitler. Pushes rules too much by putting up "No Cell-Phone" signs every metre in the halls and classes, and no smoking signs everywhere on the outside of the school. Along with punishing people who are late for class by sending them to the office, therefore, not going to class at all.

Also, a man who has greasy, orange skin, and probably wears a toupee because, honestly, no ones hair is naturally that ugly. Looks like he could be on the 30th year reunion of Jersey Shore as one of the characters, because that's how fake he looks!
Did you see Mr. Alderton at school today? Honestly, he acts just like Hitler!
by NoMoreAlderton December 09, 2010
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