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Mousehunt is a Facebook application where you sound the hunters horn in 15 minute intervals, and rid Gnawnia of the mouse plague.
Josh: Dude, know any good games where I don't need to be too active if I don't want to be? And I don't want to have to invite a bunch of friends either.

Max: Yeah! Try Mousehunt! It's awesome!
by Radioactive Gold mouse September 16, 2009
51 16
THE FREAKING AWESOMEIST THING EVER. WHY FACEBOOK EXISTS. On the first day, God created Mousehunt. He then said "O crap, where do I put it?" Thus the earth was born.
"I can't eat now I'm mousehunting!"
by Trevor who is called Trevor February 02, 2010
106 23
Seemingly ridiculous task that eats up a lot of time without much benefit.
I have spent the entire morning on a mousehunt for this information; now my client doesn't need it.
by atlgadgetgrrl January 06, 2011
11 20