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1. (n) The alleged hide out town of Queensland, Australia. A town where criminals flock in order to hide from police.

2. (n) The alleged incest capital of Queensland.

3. (n) The biggest hole of a town, providing four pubs compared to only one supermarket.

4. (n) A place where dole bludgers flock to in order to remain on centrelink payments. (Due to extreme rates of unemployment).

5. (n) The second most inhabited place of all abos in all of Australia, the most inhabited being Woorabinda.
Criminal 1: What are we going to do, they have a search warrant out for us..
Criminal 2: No problems, we can hide out in Mount Morgan for a few months.


Normal Person: I heard people go to Mount Morgan and marry their cousins because it's accepted there...
Mount Morganite: Hey!! Two heads are better than one!


Mount Morgan Teen: Mount Morgan is such a hole, the only thing to do is go to the skate park while everyone gets tanked at the pub. I guess we could throw rocks at the drunk abos for fun...


Dole Bludger: I'm gonna move to Mount Morgan, that way, Centrelink won't be able to make me get a job! There are none!


Random Person: Don't walk the streets of Mount Morgan at night, a bunch of abos will come and bash you: or at least ask you for a smoke. Watch out if you don't give them one though....
by mount_morgan_rulez May 28, 2008
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