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BEST HOUSING IN ALL OF MOUNT ST. MARY'S! Where all of the alcoholics come to puke on our shit or pass out in our showers while throwing up weed, where on every saturday morning the two most obnoxious girls (even tho they r sweethearts) feel the need to scream at the top of their lungs and wake everyone else up, where you need 2o drunk sophmore girls to get ur back over some shit that aint nothin, home of the sexiest 4 girlz (Amanda, Taybi, Alina and T)where someone's either hooking up or fuckin EVERY NIGHT! where 6 am is the best time to come back home after a long night, and where the constant aroma of beer fills the hall, best RA EVER!where all the rules are broken and getting piercings becomes a hall program, where retards light leaves on fire and almost burn down the Terrace, when going out and getting drunk turns back massages into a humping session and turns jungle juice into tie-dyed bed sheets. What can we say, girls on 2nd DUB are the craziest, wildest, sexiest chicks ever!!!
2nd DUB has SEXY GIRLZ!!!
by Mount St. Marys 2nd DUB Girls April 21, 2005

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