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The largest piece of fecal matter in a single bowel movement. Can arrive alone, or among a smaller, heralding convoy of toadies, known as Turdies.
I thought I'd finished dumping a load; little did I know the Mother Shit had yet to arrive.
by thedpster May 05, 2012
catchphrase of Logan Wood. can take the place of asshole, bastard, bitch, cunt, fuck, motherfucker, shit, son of a bitch, etc.
Logan Wood: "We have an accounting test? Mothershit!"
by superbadchicksgivinmemclovin January 23, 2011
When I want to shit on yo mama
"You mothershit hoe"
I wanna shit on yo mama, HOE!
by Tina Hoe September 29, 2003
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