The woman whose tits you once sucked on and loved it.
Got milk? Got mother
by rascal fumed row March 04, 2009
Over-used. Not funny. Quit saying it. Goes along with "your mom" jokes. Those are ridiulous too.
Word to your mother!
by Roxanne November 06, 2004
your best friend
a Mother who does everything for their children
by Donna Marie Ida October 14, 2008
Abbreviation for mother fucker
"Yuu iz wun bad mother, joe...."
"Yuu fukd ma mother, yuu mother.."
by kimmy booth June 01, 2005
general insult, or exclaimation of distaste.
"You absolute mother"
"Ooooooooh someone's a mother"
"Mothering sunday is drawing near, you cunt"
by Flidwyn McRichardson III July 27, 2005
Woman with a Fat Clitoris
I Love Having sex with a Mother
by Thepoint January 06, 2011
1. a woman who cooks, cleans, and washes her childrens and childrens friends dishes without complaints.

2. a person who loves unconditionally and never plays favorites.

3. someone who gives their children money and car rides and candy without asking any questions.
as i walked in the house after school, my mother was standing there holding my candy, money, and car keys.
by spoiledlittlekid January 02, 2009

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