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With your fingers open as wide as you can and the first knuckle of your fingers and thumb slightly bent so as to expose your fine ass bitch nail did, raise your arm straight up over your head and then dramtically bend your elbow so that your hand drops below your head while simultaneously throwing the opposite hip out as far as you can. When you feel that your waist is about to implode jerk your head forward with a buck toothed spasm in your mouth and allow your elbow to come forward followed by your hand. As the palm of your hand strikes the face in a downward motion, be sure to rake the findernails across the eyes, nose and mouth of the intended target.
Low-Qwee-Shawn-Tay got to steppin' up on that skank ass ho who was ribbin' it out front of Booba Stank's Grill on Fifth and Howard, you know, the one with the plastic weave and the six toes? Well anyways Big Boi's babies momma commenced to hit that rib slurpin' bitch with the mother of all bitch slaps. When she was done it looked like somebody had added ketchup to that bitch's Barbeque Sauce!
by I Seen It Live... February 20, 2007
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