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A character from the movie, Horrible Bosses, played by Jamie Foxx. Helps the 3 people who are trying to kill their bosses.
Dean MothaFucka Jones: I think I can help you boys.
Kurt Buckman: Are you a businessman?
Dean 'MF' Jones: Mother Fucker Jones.
Dale Arbus: Your first name is Mother Fucker?
Dean 'MF' Jones: My real name is Dean.
Nick Hendricks: Dean Jones, that's the same name of the actor in Herbie and the Love Bug.
Kurt Buckman: Yeah he probably doesn't even know that is.
Dean 'MF' Jones: I know who he is bitch. I can't walk around this fucking neighborhood with that Disney-ass name.
by LongJohnSilver1122 July 04, 2013
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