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ANY emergency vehicle driving down the street, with it`s sirens going.
"Dude, get out of the way, the Moses Mobile is coming"
by giggitygiggitygoo May 13, 2008
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During a conversation that you do not wish to participate in, and there being no polite way out. Someone will call you on your cell phone giving you the opportunity to leave said conversation politely.

Usually the caller identifies himself as "Moses" mocking the old testament saying that they "saved" the person from the conversation.
Annoying Bitch: So anyways, Jo-Ann and I were walking in the department store and..

You: (In your head - Fuck! I don't give a shit! How can I leave without being rude?)

*Your cell rings*

You: Oh sorry I have to take this

Caller: Hey, guess who it is? Moses, your fucking savior

You: Haha thanks for that Moses Mobile man, I owe you one
by The fucking savior bitch April 13, 2009
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