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A communications system consisting of letters coded into dots and dashes, and used in radiotelegraph systems. (usally HF systems), and its fun to jam freeband stations with this stuff.
I jammed a pirate radio station with "HELLO HELLO I HATE YOU" in morse code over and over again.
by IrishRepublicanArmy January 27, 2004
A series of dots and dashes used to send messages. Popular in World War II. Separate each word with a slash.
Christina was so old-school, she even knew Morse Code!
by Pooh Bear <3 October 26, 2009
The act of inserting one finger into a woman's vagina, then inserting a finger from your other hand into her rectum and proceeding to tap your fingers together through the vaginal and rectal walls, so as to simulate the tapping of the morse code.
She was horny and wanted to try something new, so I gave her the morse code.
by chodebalm August 17, 2007
Having sexy intercourse with several people in your work, and never breathe a word to anyone.
He nailed everyone in HQ and kept it in Morse Code.
by parkay September 24, 2004
the process of determining, with the repeated and careful tapping of one's finger on a girl's asshole, if that girl is into anal sex

if done properly, each tap should go slightly deeper than the last
"She was laying on top of me and I wondering was if she's into anal, so I gave her the morse code."
by Dbonn May 25, 2007
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