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Rm 126 in Maloney High School, where Gordon "Flash" Morrison pimps mad hoes son. He got them buckwilin' all up is his grill. He bump n grinds w/ them til the break of dawn, then hands out quysics phizzes to his students and talked about Social Security while occasionally wincing/twitching his eyes.
Smack ma bitch up. I like the stock market.
by bittithoe May 05, 2005
Rm. 103 at PCHS where Brent "Morgan" Morrion dishes the hate while trashin the white man. His subtle references to "the man" and his ruggedly good looks only add to the fung shui of the decor.
Lets hit up Morrison's Pimp Shack for some Mandela chants and inappropriate dolphin bashing
by tinotonittini September 13, 2006
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