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Like a Rick Roll except even more annoying. This is when the youtube channel "mormon" posts a video of an inspiring person and his/her family and have them talk about all the amazingly wonderful things they do in life. This goes on for around 5-8 minutes and is then followed by a long string of "I like this, I like that, I like... etc" and ends with the most annoying statement: "I'm <insert name> and I'm a Mormon." Whoopty doo, who gives a shit? You just discredited the entire video. So what? Your aim is to present all these wonderful people to make a point about Mormonism? No one cares.
Mormon Roll - Rochelle Tallmadge (after just talking about her family and how she adopted a boy with Down and all this other heart-warming stuff...

- "I'm Rochelle, I'm a redhead, I'm a Texan, I'm a wife, I'm a mom, and *pause..wait for it..* I'm a Mormon!"
by AreAllOfThemTaken August 07, 2011
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