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True Fact: Morgantown drinks 1% of Anheuser-Busch's alcohol sales every year. Enough said.
The only place where drinking and driving, burning couches in the street, and tearing out your own teams goal post when they kick Big East Ass is legal.
by WVU Axeman December 27, 2003
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This is disneyland for anyone fresh out of high school. Yes you will spend more then 4 years in Morgantown, more like 5 to 6. You'll switch your major about 3 times and then catch VD from the girl you study with. Drugs, booze, sex, and jackassery all ensues and is completely welcomed by the school(kind of) and the towns people. Nothing like stealing a street sign that says "High St." enough said. LETS GOOOOOO MOUNTAINEERS! LETS GOOOOOO DRINK SOME BEERS!
Morgantown is not only a place where Tom caught a wicked STD but also the place he picked up a pound of mushrooms.
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Morgantown WESSSSST VIRGINIA...home of the famous Mountaineers. Number FOUR party school in the nation. We pregame harder than you party. Where most schools only party on weekends, WVU students can find a party any night of the week! Students stumble to downtown bars or house parties to finish their drinking for the night after pregaming in the dorm with their RA and eventually blacking out. Students' at WVU motto: "I don't remember but i know i had fun!!!" For anyone who is too hungover to start drinking at 1:00pm the next day...students can find 5 people on their floor that deals pot who can help cure their pain. So after being cured, dont be surprised to be let out of class early so professors and fellow students can attend happy hour. Don't be alarmed if you see one of your professors at the porn shop next to shooters or buying you a shot at lazy lizard. GET A GOOD PHONE because students at WVU know the bar specials better than their friends numbers AND you WILL go thru 5 phones first sem...(hint: dont drop your in the cup while playing beer pong (Bianca), flush it dont the toilet (Abi), or drop it in the snow while stumbling back from the bar (Katie). If you really want to experience the best 7 years of your life...come join us at WVU....apply today for your opportunity at greatness!!!!

ps...we love beer, liquor and pot....and we dare you to visit...most cant keep up!!!!!
Where Greatness is Learned and Couches are Burned!!!
by Bankaa and KT plus T-ROC March 02, 2005
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Home to WVU and the mountaineers. At one point the number 1 party school in the nation. We know how to drink!
Ryan: Hey, what classes are you taking this year?

Dave: Drinking 103, the import class.
by katie December 30, 2003
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HEAVEN ON EARTH! Morgantown is the best place in America. Morgantown is a small city where more alcohol is consumed than any other place that features the hottest girls in the country!
Morgantown hosts events such as Derby Days, Wine and Jazz, and Shorty's for Fortys downtown high street Tues-Saturday
by andybwvu March 05, 2008
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A beautiful town between lots of wilderness and bigger cities. There isn't much to do if you don't like outdoor activities or getting stoned or drunk. One of the tourist attractions is that it is next to Pittsburgh. Like its a big deal or something. Not everyone is a stupid redneck or an intoxicated clown. There are also very intelligent people who just want to live their lives and have fun, and not worry about being a party town, and would rather the tourists stayed away anyway.
Morgantown is a beautiful town if you don't count those half naked girls puking on the sidewalk with no shoes on when it it snowing.
by Cherrykallista July 15, 2006
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