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If a movie, TV special, or any source of entertainment that involves with Morgan Freeman, then it is worth watching. Even if the story is horrible or confusing, you have to admit that Morgan Freeman did a great job in that production because it's Morgan Freeman. For example, Evan Almighty has a horrible story, but the only reason why you would want to watch it all over again it's because of Morgan Freeman. Another example is The Love Guru. That movie is horrible from the start to finish, but the only thing you would praise about that movie is Morgan Freeman's voice because it's Morgan Freeman.
Guy 1: Dude, Now You See Me was confusing!
Guy 2: I know right? But I'm here for Morgan Freeman!
Guy 1: Why man?
Guy 2: The Morgan Freeman Law. He's pretty kickass in it.
by MorFree September 14, 2013
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