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A sex toy for males with extremely small genitalia.

This toy is specially adapted to fit a penis which is tiny in size.
The plural of Morex is Morex.
"Your nob is so small, you need a Morex mate!"

"Does this shop stock Morex pal?"

"That's gonna be far too big love, I am gonna need a Morex for that kind of action"

"I can't believe it, i've jammed my maggot cock in this Morex"

"Don't suck that Morex up with that hoover love, it's my special toy"

"Oh yes maam, I do partake in the glorious world of sex toys, a Morex is the item of my choice"

"Big Dave, you coming Morexing tonight?"
by bogstandard August 27, 2009
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a schrunchy sack
jeff alvillas have a morex
by Steve r November 10, 2003
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