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The rally cry of Morehead State University. Made famous during the 2009 NCAA basketball tournament (March Madness), when Morehead State was assigned to play Alabama State in the play-in game. Does not have anything to do with the "oral sex" definition of head.
(during Morehead St. vs. Alabama St. game)
Guy: "More head! More head! More head!"
Girlfriend: "What? Is once a week or so not enough for you? I can go down on you more if you want."
Guy: "What? I was just rooting for the team. Oh, you thought I meant it in that way? Well, now that you mention it...awwwww right!"
by Nicholas D March 17, 2009
1) A University in Eastern Kentucky
2) act of giving or recieving another blowjob
1) Tony is on the bowling team at Morehead.
2) Hey Trina, give me some morehead.
by BIG-D October 23, 2003
The most infamous town in North Carolina. Very small but kicks alot of ass in the summer. Locals are hard core down to earth ballers. Megan D. whoever you are, is obviously a weak azz loser. If you have ever been to shack in the summer time, you would know why it's so cool.
"where are you from?"
"You mean there are people that are really FROM morehead? Damn I instantly respect your ass."
by Original B to the G March 06, 2008
The last name of two very hot sisters. The hottest being Anita Lil Morehead and Craven Sum Morehead. Both girls are extrememly sexy and should be taken with caution. They bite... hard.
"Hey ANITA! Get your fine ass over here!"
by Kt the giver of hot sex November 21, 2003
a crappy town in North Carolina that gets infested with tourists from April-November. Consists of nothing more than the beach and Wal-mart, yet people seem to love it.
Man, I'm going to Morehead this weekend!
Thats gay, Morehead sucks.
by Meagan D. March 18, 2006

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