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one uncivilized, warped minded person who enjoys masturbation and getting liquored (among other things)
"Where's Mordeth"
*hears the sound of masterbation and simultaneous gulping noises*
"Bathroom. Think he brought the T.V in there"
by Anonymous April 15, 2003
Can also be an action. Doing a "mordeth" involves promising something, and failing to deliver upon it for a surprisingly long length of time.

(Example: When asked to download the contents of two CDs in college, put it onto CD and send it, he took two months when any normal person would take less than a week)
You'd better not pull a mordeth on me!
I won't do a mordeth this time, honestly!
by phaxx May 21, 2003
Highly experienced barrel-squasher. (And other forms of seating, no doubt.)
OMG, you totally mordethed that chair!
Get your fat ass off there before you mordeth it!
by phaxx May 21, 2003
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