dyane dee mooshoo dang .. shes like the cutest thang evr! enh shes so funny.. i jst LOVE her!
by vykiee July 12, 2003
Top Definition
Secret organization. Modern branch of the chinese triad.
Issued from Black Flags from South China and Vietnam (Black Flags issuing from Tai Ping). Known to have its origin in Hong-Kong, then spread out around the world. Main activity in Casino gambling investments.
February 1st, 2008 - Macao. 2:00 AM : ***** sat down to play alongside Mr. Kham to his last HK$500. Mr. Kham suggested baccarat. **** reluctantly agreed. One table was full and one table was empty. Mr. Kham chose the empty table with the exclamation, "I'm feeling like I'm a Mooshoo gambler!"
by King of Gambler March 25, 2008
The act of being mooshood. Everything, and anything IS MOOSHOO. DO not QUESTION the mooshoo....just BE MOOSHOO.
"let's go mooshoo!"
"what the mooshoo?"
"I feel so mooshoo right now"

and so on....you get the mooshoo pointt!
by aaaaaaarrrrrrrr January 01, 2009
verb meaning complete ownage over your opponent
I just went Mooshoo on his nOOb ass
by Ryan July 17, 2003
The act of "shoo-ing" a person(s) using the sound typically associated with a certain farmyard animal, the cow. Instead of saying "shoo", used to express ones desire for the target to leave, the user says "moo". Although it is typically used in a jovial manner, it can be insulting depending on a)its delivery, such as an angry shout
b)the target, such as a person so large they could in fact be confused with a cow
Example 1: You briefly leave your seat only to return and find a friend utilizing your sitting spot.

You : Thats my seat man
Friend : I know but you left to get me a drink
You : Exactly i was doing you a fav... oh ffs "mooooo"!

Example 2: A fat kid you don't really know is listening in on you and your friend whilst you are conversating.

You :....and then we'll probably just go straight to the club?
Friends : Yeah sounds good but what about *insert friends name*... he doesn't have I.D...
Fat Kid: Oh are you guys going to that club, i've been there gazzilions of times it's just thriling isn't it.
You & Friends: ...who the hell? *moo moo moo*

The act of shooing using the word *moo*, hence, moo-shoo
A fucking annoying nark who relays everything you say to an authority figure.
Kelsey, the little mooshoo tells her fat mom everything that Nicole and her friends talk about. This, in turn, gets Nicole in trouble. Nicole hates mooshoo.
by Trapped with Cats December 08, 2009
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