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1. A Mooshing Loser is a synonym for any said "Moosh Hater". commonly spotted circle jerking with their buddies to the women of youtube for example OlgaKay, LisaNova, and Hotforwords etc..

2. Moosh(ing) can also be substituted for any vulgar word or slang that you may want to disguise in a public setting.
1. The epitome of a Mooshing Loser is the "myth" better yet mystery of the "Author" Moosh Hater as being a transvestite. It is apparent that this "she-male" has an undying love for OlgaKay and her loyal Moosh Army, personally I would call it a sad obsession. The "she-thing" even incorporates "Moosh" into "he she's" own name. Whats that telling you?

2. Go Moosh yourself

You're a Mooshing peice of Moosh

Yea I was Mooshing that girl all night
by iTzNoxXx May 15, 2010
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