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Moose Face: 1.Someone uncomprehendable or annoying/frustrating, one who is being mean or angry/hateful.
Damn dude my mom was being a Moose Face last night.
by Ronald Brewster November 06, 2008
A word (usually an insult) used to describe somebody as being silly/a fool, etc. It can also be used as more of a loving/joking insult, meant for close friends, if you are that way inclined.
For example: You forgot to buy me a doughnut?! You're such a mooseface!
by missmikki October 23, 2011
Sidney Crosby.

Because he has such an extended and wide nose, he looks like a moose. Therefore people call him moose face.

When a goal or a is shit, like one crosby would score, this is a mooseface goal
Wow, that was such a Moose Face Goal!
by Lemonslala April 04, 2009