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I was watching the lesbians eating mooseburger.
by badDiplomat September 10, 2008
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a womans vagina, originating from alaska. Preferably a woman who hasnt shaved down there in 10 years
1)having lived in the frigid alaskan climates, Sarah Palin has a enormous moose burger
2) Cindy McCain ate Sarah Palin's moose buger.
by R 2 DO ME December 31, 2008
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This is a sex position for a menage a trois. You need two fatties and a one thin person. The thin person leaps between the two fatties having 69 and get sandwiched causing shortness of breath.
We sure moose burgered the shit out of that little fucker Jonny. Jonny learned his lesson after entering his parents bedroom after his bed time.

Man found dead after getting caught up in a moose burger with Queen Latifah and Dog the Bounty Hunter.
by Surviver March 11, 2010
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