The best fucking beer on the planet
Jeffrey likes to drink lots of moose head.
by Anonymous July 27, 2003
Top Definition
Same action as road head, but instead of the driver getting pleasured their co-pilot, or passenger, gets to receive some scrumptious head from the backseat slut.
While Shane was driving to the river, Kiki leaned over and gave Spencer some moose head.
by BearClaw91 August 12, 2009
A beer produced by Canada's own John Labatt Breweries, in a land where men are men and moose are nervous.

Alternatively, in Canada may not be limited to beer. See Moosehead.
Good evening, a pitcher of Moosehead, if you would be so kind.

Alt. Last I saw Billy, he was down by the river getting some Moosehead.
by arctic fox December 06, 2003
The Moosehead is a colloquially used term to refer to the Canadian dollar.
The Moosehead rose 3/10th of a cent reaching parity with the Greenback.
by ATAKwale May 27, 2010
When having sex with a partner from behind, and close to orgasm, you tap them on the shoulder. Then put your hands either side of your head, like the antlers of a moose, and scream the words 'MOOSE HEAD!' at the top of your voice with the aim of ejaculation before your partner pulls away.
Gaz: "Hey, Geoff. I did 'Moose Head' with your sister last night. She loved it!"

Geoff: "Damn you!"
by GrinGaz March 10, 2010
An ugly woman. Refers purely to her facial characteristics. Her body can still be worthy. For best results take her while hanging out the back. Don't tell your mates though, they've probably already been there.

This word can be shouted out loud if one encounters a moosehead.
by geezerdk January 02, 2012
an insult made to let you know that you are a silly billy (person) - only just starting to be used... made up by head moose bex - part ownership moose soph
''shut up you moose head''

''hahaha your such a moose head''
by shortycabc June 28, 2009
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